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Technical Innovation and Life-Centered Design  

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Leave a positive footprint, beyond sustainability

When you are developing new products, entering new markets, or rescuing products that fail to perform, you can benefit from SlowTech Lab's technical innovation and design services to optimize your manufacturing operations and systems.

Product Quality and Certifications

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Building trust with third-party validation

Two thirds of US consumers say they prefer to do business with environmentally responsible companies, but half say it's difficult to find green products and services.  Stand out by offering one of the most trusted certifications for good design, product quality, materials optimization, environmental health, effectiveness, and social responsibility.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

Product evaluation criteria:

Material health, material utilization, energy effectiveness, water effectiveness, and social responsibility.



Biomimetic Design & Innovation Playshop 

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Solve your challenges with Nature's R & D

Let us explore the technical and business challenges you face.  Come learn from nature's ingenious strategies, refined over 4 billion years.  Transform your technical challenges into inspired insights and solutions.





Our rejuvenating corporate retreats are based in the beautiful Ojai Valley region of 30 Minutes from the Pacific Ocean and inland from Santa Barbara.  We custom design weekday or weekend playshops for C-level executives, R&D teams, and manufacturing staff.


Global Partnerships & New Markets

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Overcome trade, regulatory, and competitive barriers

SlowTech Labs has expertise, keen market insights and cultural competency through local partners in these markets: USA, China, India, Brazil, UAE, and other emerging markets.


We can ready your product and materials to ensure regulatory compliance.   Let's build a compelling story for your product and company's success. 


Let us pull your product into the market place, no need to push.

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