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Life Centered Design


Our design aesthetic is informed by the beauty and power found in nature's R & D. 



Internship Opportunities

Slow Summer Gig!!


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Slow Summer Gig at SlowTech Labs in Ojai!

What are you doing with your life this Summer? Do you love good design, beautiful products, soulful work & a slow life? Here's a summer gig for you and perhaps a friend if you're free, inspired & entrepreneurial.

SlowTech Labs could use your help in the business of technical innovation & design for the

circular economy, the driving engine for 21st century manufacturing.

What? It's a 15-20 hour/week Internship Opportunity for 1-2 teammates at a competitive pay rate. You could be working on various initiatives involving Project Management, Business Strategy, Biz Development, Partnerships, International business collaboration, Marketing, Communications including email, Skype, Google & web presentations, Customer account management & support, Biz Admin, some Accounting if skilled, Social Media, Product development if skilled, CAD & product prototyping If skilled, some basic technical writing if skilled, submitting entry packages to design & innovation competitions/prizes. Exciting field, lean & flexible startup environment with soul.

Where? We will be working remotely this summer although if you live in Ojai some socially distant co-working is available.

You? Fluid & free to learn, fun spirit, Integrity, open mind/heart, passion, diehard reliability, clear/creative/bold thinking, experimental creativity- all essentials needed at least in small quantities. Cultural tolerance & measured patience with languages, international collaborators with difficult accents/personalities, is useful & beneficial.

Women, veterans, people of color(ful) lives & identities, anyone encountering involuntary challenges in life and want creative challenges-please apply!

Helpful if you have skills or interest to learn & use: Salesforce, MS Project or equivalent, Quickbooks, Canva, Adobe Cloud, iMovie, AutoCAD, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn ..

Please rsvp asap with "Slow Summer Gig" in the Subject line. Spread the word please if you know of people who fit this opportunity. Thank You!

Contact: Sudeep Motupalli Rao, PhD, Founder,

#SlowSummer Gig                                     @slowtechlabs                                 

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